Fire TV how-to tips: Make the most of Amazon’s media streamers

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Amazon recently launched the Fire TV Stick 4K, and it’s by far Amazon’s best streaming device in years. Still, there are lots of ways to make the experience better, not all of which are obvious when you’re just getting started. If you have a Fire TV Stick or any other Fire TV streaming device, here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to make the most of them.

Rearrange your apps

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Once you’ve installed some apps on Fire TV, take a minute to move your favorites to the front of the home screen’s app row. Press the remote’s menu button while highlighting any app, and then select “Move.” You’ll enter a separate menu where you can move the app around. The apps at the top of the list will appear first on the home screen.

You can also move other apps around from this same menu. Either long-press the select button to pick up an app, or quickly move apps to the front of the list by pressing menu, and then choosing “Move to front.”

Hide uninstalled apps

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If you have a Fire tablet or more than one Fire TV device, your app list might be cluttered with previously installed software that you have no intention of using. To hide these apps from your list, head to Settings > Applications > Appstore, and then enable the “Hide Cloud Apps” option.

Quickly view all apps

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The fastest way to launch an app from anywhere on Fire TV is to hold down the home button and then select “Apps.” You can also use the long-press to quickly put the Fire TV to sleep or to access the Settings menu.

Use the Watchlist

firetvwatchlist Jared Newman / IDG

While browsing the Fire TV home screen, you might come across an interesting movie or TV show that you don’t want to watch right away. Bookmark these programs by hitting the remote’s menu button, then selecting “Add to Watchlist.” You can also add things to the watchlist from search results, which lets you bookmark programs that aren’t available on Amazon Video.

To access your watchlist, head to the “Your Videos” tab on the Fire TV home screen, where the watchlist will appear in the first row.

Install apps remotely

firetvappstore Jared Newman / IDG

When you’re trying to install all your favorite apps on Fire TV, browsing on the device itself can be frustratingly slow. As an alternative, head to the Fire TV’s online app store on your computer, where you can browse, search, and install apps remotely. If you have multiple Fire devices, be sure to choose your Fire TV from the “Deliver to” list before installing.

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