Best TV streaming services for cord cutters: SlingTV vs. Hulu vs. PlayStation Vue, and more

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It’s great what a little competition will do. Ever since cord cutting became a genuine trend, TV networks and pay TV providers have scrambled to bring their channel bundles to the internet.

But with more competition comes more confusion. Between Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, and Philo, prospective cord-cutters who still want a bundle of traditional TV channels have a lot to consider before making the leap. And while these services tend to be cheaper and more flexible than cable, each comes with its own quirks and caveats.

We created this guide to make your decision easier. It compares the features of all the current TV streaming bundles, lists which devices each one supports, provides a full side-by-side channel list, and provides our bottom-line recommendations. It also shares the latest TV streaming news, and links to our in-depth reviews, where you can learn more about how each bundle works. 

Latest TV streaming news

  • Playstation Vue subscribers are getting hit with more sales tax. Sony has told Playstation Vue customers in select states that it’ll start collecting more sales tax this November. “The sales tax charged on each order is determined by your state, county, and city tax rates,” the company said in an email to customers.
  • Hulu TV added more bundles focused on Spanish language programming and entertainment this month. The Spanish bundle costs an additional $4.99 a month, providing news and sports channels, while the entertainment option costs $7.99 a month, adding lifetime movies and cooking programming.
  • YouTube TV suffered an outage on Oct 16 and offered a 1-week credit worth $10 as an apology. The outage was brief and didn’t last close to a full day, but YouTube TV’s willingness to provide the credit to all affected users shows how the company may handle future snafus.

Best TV streaming service 

YouTube TV still isn’t available in every single market in North America, but it’s accessible to the vast majority of U.S. residents. Between that expansion and its new availability on on the Roku and Apple TV platforms, it has become the best overall services for cord-cutters. 


On the surface, Hulu with Live TV doesn’t seem much different from other streaming TV bundles. You get dozens of live channels for $40 per month, but what sets it apart is the inclusion of Hulu’s on-demand service (normally $8 per month), which includes a large catalog of network shows, plus originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock. Hulu’s interface can be busy, but it ties everything together in a way that encourages discovery, and the service is extendable with more DVR storage and additional simultaneous streams—if you’re willing to pay.

Best TV streaming service for sports fans

Despite a recent $5-per-month price hike for all plans, PlayStation Vue offers the most complete selection of sports channels, including national sports, regional sports, and league-specific networks (NFL Network/Redzone, MLB Network, and NBA TV). And while DirecTV Now comes close, it’s DVR service is much stingier, with a 20-hour recording limit. PlayStation Vue also supports a wide range of streaming devices beyond PlayStation consoles, despite what the name suggests. One caveat: Visit Sony’s website to make sure all your local broadcast networks are available; otherwise, you’ll need an antenna for backup.

Other options to consider

Sling TV offers a less-expensive starting point than most other streaming bundles, with Orange and Blue plans priced at $25 per month each. (The former includes ESPN and other Disney-owned channels, while the latter includes channels owned by Fox and NBC.) From there, you can add several channel packs and still come out ahead of other bundles, especially if you’re using an antenna for local channels. Still, DVR service is $5-per-month extra, and while you can combine the Orange and Blue packages for a total $40 per month, at that point you’re not really saving over other bundles, which offer slicker interfaces.

DirecTV Now has improved considerably in recent months, and the service has finally added cloud DVR, although AT&T allows you to record only 20 hours of video which is stored for a maximum of 30 days. It’s also the only bundle that faithfully reproduces 60-frames-per-second video on every applicable broadcast. And if you’re looking to score a free media streaming-device, DirecTV Now offers new subscribers their choice of an Apple TV or a Roku Stick (these are limited-time offers).. 

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